SolarShift provides solar energy using an innovative approach- COMMUNITY SOLAR FARMS  

We save you money while saving the Earth.



We easily save you money every month, as you generate your own solar electricity, at a fraction of the cost of installing a solar system on your roof.  



We design our systems to reduce air pollution & soil erosion, promote water infiltration, remove pollution from water and provide habitat for nature.  



We provide the opportunity for you to produce your own renewable energy, rather than purchase fossil fuel electricity.

Purchase only what you need to power your home


We help you decide how many solar panels you need to power your home, business and car.  You purchase only what you need, then the energy is credited to your electric bill.  Nothing for you to maintain or unsightly panels on your home.  



How it works

Our solution is to not use a rooftop, but rather we put solar panels in fields.  By building large projects in flat fields, we can reduce the cost of solar to a fraction of the cost as putting it on your roof.  We can remove many of the concerns about future living arrangements because the panels are owned by you.  The electricity the panels produce is metered (counted) and then connected to the utility power lines that deliver the electricity to your home.  There is no need to change anything at your home.  We then calculate the credits of electricity, give that to your utility company and it is subtracted off your electric bill.  This works for homes, condos, business, governments, and for most everybody.   Whether you live in a condo in the city, in heavily shaded areas, or even if you rent your home- you can generate your own clean energy from the sun!