Rooftop Solar Systems

Solar Shift prides itself on its innovative design and installation of rooftop solar systems. Installing a solar system on your roof allows you to directly fuel your home with the sun’s energy.



Interested in solar for your home or business? SolarShift will generate a no obligation custom design and proposal for you. Once you decide solar is a good solution, we will install your system for you. SolarShift provides a quality, turn-key solar system.


customized to your needs

SolarShift designs your solar system to meet your specific home and business needs. You simply provide us with your current electric bill and we design a system around your current monthly usages.


Peace of mind

No matter what stage of life you are entering, having the peace of mind regarding monthly electricity costs is priceless. With your own solar system, you can feel secure in knowing what you will spend on energy for the next few decades.


Interested in a quote for a rooftop system?