Falling costs of solar….

Watch out for falling costs of solar!

Why is the International Monetary Fund talking about solar? I mean, spreading the word about global warming and green energy isn’t exactly their mission. But helping to save people money is! The IMF recently wrote about the steady and significant decline in the cost of solar from 2009 to 2017, with a 76% decrease in solar prices!

According to this article, “Global investment in renewable energy capacity has accelerated in the past decade, as wind and solar have emerged as cost-effective power sources. While hydropower attracted the most investment in renewable energy up to 2008, wind turbines took the lead in 2009, and solar panels became the dominant investment choice by 2016. In 2017, more was invested in solar than in all other low-carbon technologies combined.” Yes, you read that right! Solar panels are the dominant investment choice, even over other renewable energy sources.

So what does this mean for potential solar consumers? It means that the prices are lower than ever before, and the time is NOW to invest in powering your home and business with the sun’s energy. The tax incentives won’t be around forever, so the quicker you talk to SolarShift about meeting your solar needs, the better! Click on Get Started at mysolarshift.com right away!

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