How Community Solar Farms work…

So many people we talk to about community solar projects have never heard of the concept, so we want to explain in more detail how this whole incredible process works.

Eighty percent of homes and offices are not suitable for rooftop solar panels, for reasons such as the orientation of your building, the tree cover around your building, the ability for your roof to hold the weight of solar panels,  and the list goes on and on.  And for some of you living in condominiums, townhomes with strict regulations, in an office building or even if you rent your home or apartment, rooftop solar is just not an option for you.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to solar energy! If you move, no problem as long as you have the same utility bill.

Community solar farms are large farms, in which the crop is solar panels instead of plants.  A consumer is able to buy the amount of solar panels they would need to power their home or office.  Of course, the number of panels you need will vary based on the size of your home or office.  Because we buy and install panels in bulk, we are able to pass significant savings along to the consumer resulting in the buy into a community solar farm as a fraction of the cost of an individual solar system on your home.  

Once you purchase your panels, the energy your panels produce is fed into the “grid” or in layman’s terms, the nearest electric connection that delivers power.  Your solar energy is credited to your electric bill every month, and voila, saving money ensues.  So for the lifetime of the solar panels (25 years), you generate your own energy with no risk of inflation or price spikes.

How does this save you money, you ask?  The sun’s energy is free, doesn’t change prices based on availability, and will never increase in price!  We build solar systems in bulk, so that saves YOU money! Not to mention the pretty sweet tax incentives in place for creating your own solar!

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