Making Headlines!

SolarShift is excited to be featured this week in the Daily Southtown & Chicago Tribune as one of the up and coming solar technology companies in Will County, Illinois.  The article (posted below) highlights the increasing attention solar technology is getting within Will County, and the increase of solar farm proposals to local farmers.  

It’s exciting that solar farms, which have already been established and successful in numerous other states, are making their way to Illinois.  SolarShift is ready to roll out community solar farms to Illinois residents, so they can start saving money and the environment by making their own energy. Unlike many large scale utility solar farms in other states, SolarShift will be making their solar panels available directly to residents.  The energy the residents’ solar panels generate will be credited directly to their electric bill – saving them money!

Our latest project, proposed in Frankfort, Illinois, is highlighted as a future community solar farm, called the Honeybee project.  Check out what the Environmental Law and Policy Center has to say about solar farms!