Where are solar farms?

Some may believe that solar farms are a completely new concept.  It sounds like something futuristic that can’t really be feasible or make much of an impact. And for some of you, you may never have seen acres of solar panels, sprawling across open fields.  But check out how many solar farms are popping up across the country!  The map below comes from the Solar Energy Industries Association (http://www.seia.org/map/majorprojectsmap.php).

All of the red circles indicate solar farms that are fully operational. The bigger the circle, the bigger the solar farm (more Mega Watts (MW)).  Orange circles are farms that are under construction and yellow circles are farms that are under development.  It’s clear that our east and west coasts are fully embracing this technology, so now it’s time for the MidWest to jump on board.

Visit http://www.seia.org/map/majorprojectsmap.php to zoom in and out for a better look at all the solar farms across our nation.  There are many more than you would expect!  SolarShift is excited to be able to expand the opportunity of solar power directly to consumers via a Community Solar Farm.  Want to learn more?